My Daily Least Interesting Photos

Least Interesting? Why? Well, this set it to help the least interesting photos, become interesting photos! This set is also to help uncover those lost gems that have been covered up by my more recent uploads. Some highlights are…

Presenting: The DrewBorg Blog!

The original Look to this blog.

Cleveland - Brown's Stadium

The Cleveland Brown’s Stadium

CVNP - Cuyahoga River in Peninsula

The Cuyahoga River in Peninsula

Pond Reflection

Pond Reflection

Cleveland - Railroad Tracks

Cleveland Railroad Tracks

Pond Geese

Some geese hanging around a pond

Akron - Railroad Bridge

This railroad bridge in Akron, Ohio

There are many more at my Flickr Set: Daily Least Interesting.  Check it out, you never know what you might find!

The New Theme Launched!

The new theme as featured in the previous post is now up and running.  Now, with every new site, there will be problems.  I found a few and fixed them, but I’m sure there are more.  Also, only about 95% of the site has the new theme.  A few pages here and there will not have the same layout, but the theme will have some affect on those pages.  I hope you enjoy the site and of course the blog widget on the pages is not up to date and won’t be for at least a few days while I finish transferring the site and fixing errors.  Enjoy! 😀


A New Look to

If you have heard a rumor about a new look coming to, then you didn’t hear wrong.

Check out this flickr photo I’ve uploaded of the new site…

The New

…if you havn’t clicked on the photo, please do so now!

There are things that I can do on flickr that I can’t do on my blog.  So if you clicked on the photo, you might have noticed notes on parts of the image.  Place your mouse over them to read what will happen on the site and they also fill in more details about the site.

I hope you look forward to the new site and I would love to hear feedback, so if your a flickr user then please comment on the photo.  If you not, then you should join!  If you don’t want to join, then your more than welcome to leave a comment on the blogThanks!

A walk around Cleveland

In this blog I will showcase some more photos that were taken on free admission to the Rock Hall day.

Let’s start with the Free Stamp as featured in the book Weird Ohio.

Cleveland - Free Stamp

Next on the walk was the Cleveland Brown’s Stadium…

Cleveland - Brown's Stadium

Then the final turn in my loop was the Great Lakes Science Center

Cleveland - Great Lakes Science Center

At the end of my loop is this skate park next the the Rock Hall

Cleveland - Skate Park

…and the Goodtime III boat.

Cleveland - Goodtime III

And finally, I leave you with a picture of Cleveland…

Cleveland - Skyline

That about wraps it up for this blog, everyone is welcome to comment below.

The New Theme

Well many of you have aready noticed a NEW theme.  I really like this theme, so it will be around for a while.  If you haven’t looked down yet, and you should, then you will notice a clock, start button, and page links!  Don’t you just love this theme!  I also like the look, if you have windows vista, the you might notice the look of the sidebar matches the look of the Windows Sidebar and the Taskbar looks like the taskbar!  Isn’t that cool!

I would like to thank the people at for posting this to the WordPress Theme page.