Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2009

Yesterday was induction day in Cleveland and because of this the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame had a FREE ADMISSION TO EVERYONE day.  So, I went with my family all the way to Cleveland.

Rock Hall - Outside

We got to tour the exhibits and then when we were leaving, we got to see Bobby Womack. I don’t know who he is, just that he’s famous and a 2009 inductee.

Rock Hall - Bobby Womack

After we left, we took a quick walk over to where the inductions were going to happen later that night.

Rock Hall - Induction Building

That about wraps it up. Check out more pictures in my flickr set.  Also more random pictures of Clevlenad are coming soon to my Flickr, so check them out soon!

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6 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2009”

  1. Justin Bruce says:

    Cool Andrew. My family was planning to go there on Saturday the 4th, but my sister got sick. I love Rock Music as much as the next guy, and I am glad to see Metallica go in to the Hall.
    Rock on Andrew.

    1. Andrew B. says:

      That’s cool, it might have been good that you stayed home because it got really crowded as the day went on. I hope they have it again next year! Hope your sister feels better.

  2. A Borg says:

    The rock & roll hall of fame was so cool!!! I loved it!
    The bad thing was it was freezing!!!! LOL!!

    1. Andrew B. says:

      It wasn’t that bad, and look at all the great pictures I got!

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