Akron Art Walk

On August 1st I went to downtown Akron for their Artwalk.  There were lots of places to see artwork throughout the city including live glass blowing demonstrations.

Akron Art Walk - Akron Glass Works Demo Sign

There was even a free trolley service to all of the locations.

Akron Art Walk - Trolley Stop Sign

There were also some neat street performers…

Akron Art Walk - Stilt Walker

…and a live band!

Akron Art Walk - Band

Have a Great Weekend!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  This just happens to be my last weekend before school starts on Tuesday! 🙁

Spam Fight


It seems that I’m getting more spam comments than real comments.  I have a spam fighting plugin for WordPress, but it doesn’t work too good.  So I added reCAPTCHA to the site.  Hopefully it works, if not I’m going to have to make people register before they can comment, which I don’t want to do.  So until then, enjoy the blog!  Your are welcome to comment, just as long as it isn’t SPAM!