Trip Report: Cedar Point on May 29, 2009

I arrived at the park around 6pm to enjoy a Friday night of late fun.  As soon as I got there, it started raining!

Cedar Point - Parking Lot

After a short downpour, it stopped and the rides reopened.  My first stop was Got Country.  After the show I headed back to Frontier Town and rode the Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Antique Cars, and then Mean Streak.

Cedar Point - Stockade Refreshments

Then it was onto my first Paddlewheel ride of the season, which was not good, the new captains still have a lot to learn!

Night was falling and it was on to see the Starlight Experience for the first time.  I thought it was pretty neat all of the lights and floats!

Cedar Point - Starlight Experience Winter

Cedar Point - Starlight Experience Fall

Cedar Point - Starlight Experience Summer

Cedar Point - Starlight Experience Spring

Just a quick, but fun Friday night trip!

Ride Count:

Antique Cars – 1
Mean Streak – 1
Paddlewheel Excursions – 1
Skyride – 3

Show Count:

Got Country – 1
Starlight Experience – 2

Cedar Point Trip Reports

The next few posts are probably going to be trip reports from my Cedar Point summer trips.  Each trip report has pictures, videos, and ride and show counts along with a detailed summery of the day.  Yes, I know that there a little, or very, late, but it’s just the thing to get you out of those midwinter coaster blues!

Enjoy and be sure to post comments and if it’s a question, I will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

To easily find Trip Reports, search the tag: CPreports.

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