Trip Report: Cedar Point on June 14, 2009

My day started off around 3:30 with a quick ride on the sky ride then I headed back to the back of the park to see Live Music at the Palace, and compared to Molly and Maverick, this show sucked!

Cedar Point - Skyride and Midway

This was the first time I saw it so I didn’t think it was that bad, but I went back another day and there was a girl also singing and the guy was singing the same songs that “people requested” the last time I saw the show.

Hopefully this show will not return or it will changed to something better. After that, I headed down the Frontier Trail to see Got Country.

Then after Got Country I went to see my second favorite show last year, and it was great!  It moved up to my #1 favorite show for the summer.  I heard that a lot of people didn’t like the new ending song, but after seeing it all summer, it grew on me and I loved it!

After Signed, Sealed, Delivered I took a quick dinner break at the car and then I headed over to the Wicked Twister Midway for a trip to Alaska on Disaster Transport and then a relaxing ride on the Space Spiral and the Giant Wheel.

Cedar Point - Giant Wheel

Wicked Twister was down for the night, so I passed that and headed to the Frontier Trail so I could film the setup of the Starlight Experience.

After that I went on a car ride on the Antique Cars and then headed down the Frontier Trail to experience the Starlight Experience after dark.

Then I headed over to the Wildcat Midway to see Hot Summer Lights.
If that wasn’t a fun enough day I ended it with a photo session in the Starlight Experience by putting it on a fence post and placing it on fireworks setting to get some pretty cool pics.

Cedar Point - Starlight Experience Spring

Cedar Point - Starlight Experience Winter and Fall

Cedar Pont - Starlight Experience Winter

Cedar Point - Starlight Experience Winter

Well that was my trip.

Ride Count:

Skyride – 1
Disaster Transport – 1
Space Spiral – 1
Giant Wheel – 1
Antique Cars – 1

Show Count:

Live Music at the Palace – 1
Got Country – 1
Signed, Sealed, Delivered – 1
Starlight Experience – 2
Hot Summer Lights – 1