Trip Report: Cedar Point on June 29, 2009

I got off to an early start on this day and arrived at the park for early entry and hit Maverick.  Then it was on to Mean Streak, the Cedar Creek Mine Ride and Skyhawk.

Cedar Point - Skyhawk and Clock Tower

Being that it was almost noon and I had a small breakfast about 7am, I was hungry so I took the train back to main midway for a nice picnic lunch at the car.

Cedar Point - CP & LE Railroad Waiting Room

Cedar Point - Raptor Loop

After lunch I went on the Giant Wheel and I got some great pictures.

Cedar Point - Skyline

Cedar Point - Raptor

Cedar Point - MaXair

Cedar Point - Skyline

Next, it was time for an afternoon of shows.  I saw Got Country twice and Signed, Sealed, Delivered once hoping that if it was going to rain it would while I was in one of the shows.

Cedar Point - Storm a Brewing

In between the Signed, Sealed, Delivered and the second Got Country, I rode Wicked Twister, Disaster Transport and was rider 2402 on Blue Streak.

Cedar Point - Wicked Twister

Cedar Point - Disaster Transport Sign

That was my day, seem like I didn’t do too much now that I’m looking back at my day.

Ride Count:

Maverick – 1
Mean Streak – 1
Cedar Creek Mine Ride – 1
Skyhawk – 1
CP & LE Railroad – 1
Giant Wheel – 1
Wicked Twister – 1
Disaster Transport – 1
Blue Streak – 1

Show Count:

Got Country – 2
Signed, Sealed, Delivered – 1