Cedar Point Trip Reports 2010

OK, if you have noticed I gave up with the posting old trip reports, sorry to the people who were enjoying them, but I just didn’t have time.  Also, the 2010 season is now upon us so I will just start posting 2010 trip reports.  If you really want to know about my trips, look through my photos, they are all dated for the date of the trip and if you have a question, just post a comment on the photo.

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Trip Report: Cedar Point on July 14, 2009

After a quick lunch at Costa Azul, it was on to the park to ride Paddlewheel Excursions to check out the mystery construction site, but first a quick ride on the Skyride.

Cedar Point - Kiddy Kingdom and Wicked Twister Midway

Cedar Point - Paddlewheel Excursions Station

Cedar Point - Project 2010 Mystery

Then it was onto the Cedar Creek Mine Ride and then, because it was almost time for Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I went to get on the train. Although, I got “sidetracked” into the Live Music in the Palace while I waited for the train to come.

Cedar Point - Cedar Creek Mine Ride

After Signed, Sealed, Delivered it was time for dinner at the car.  Then it was onto the Wicked Twister Midway to ride the Space Spiral, Giant Wheel, maXair for my first and last time, and Troika.

Cedar Point - maXair

Cedar Point - Giant Wheel and Disaster Transport

Cedar Point - Space Spiral

After that it was onto part two of the Starlight Experience behind the scenes.

Later, I rode the Antique Cars and then went through the Starlight Experience during the best time, after dark.

Cedar Point - Ghosts of the Frontier Trail

After a little shopping, it was time to end the day.

Cedar Point - Snoopy Boutique

Ride Count:

Skyride – 1
Paddlewheel Excursions – 1
Cedar Creek Mine Ride – 1
CP & LE Railroad – 1
Space Spiral – 1
Giant Wheel – 1
maXair – 1
Troika – 1
Antique Cars – 1

Show Count:

Live Music at the Palace – 0.005
Signed, Sealed, Delivered – 1
Starlight Experience – 1.5