Trip Report: Cedar Point on June 20, 2010

Trip #3 was another early morning trip.  I first started out on Raptor then moved onto Millennium Force.

Cedar Point - Raptor Loop

Cedar Point - Millennium Force

Then it was onto a new ride, well at least for me, Mantis.

Cedar Point - Mantis

Mantis was OK, nothing special it hurt, but not too bad.  It’s a little uneasy at the end where it goes slow, especially since it rolled back a few weeks earlier.

Cedar Point - Mantis

Then with the park just opening, Dragster had the shortest line it was going to have all day so I jumped in line and what did I find?  Someone throwing up!  What a wonderful start to their day and mine.

Cedar Point - Top Thrill Dragster

After the Dragster, which didn’t give me a headache this time, I headed to the CP & LE Railroad.  I took a loop around the park then got off to go to the Skyride so I could head out to the car for lunch.

After lunch, I headed over to the Wicked Twister midway, like I always seem to do after a lunch break.  I rode the Giant Wheel and it seemed like the ride cycle was shorter than normal, am I the only one noticing this?  Then, with it being almost 2pm, I headed over to the Jack Aldrich “Centennial” Theatre for Rock Band Live.

Cedar Point - Rock Band Live Tryout Area

Cedar Point - Rock Band Live Merchandise

The show overall was decent, not something that I’m going to see every time, but I could see Cedar Point losing the Rock Band branding, adding more songs and then renaming it to some Rock and Roll name.

Cedar Point - Rock Band Live

Just my thoughts, but the actors from last year’s show that returned this year had done much better work in the past.  (Sorry Jordan and Stephan, but it’s the truth.)

After Rock Band Live, I headed down the midway to the Cadillac Cars where the “bring-the-car-in-girl” asked me about if I was disappointed that Shoot the Rapids wasn’t open because I was wearing the shirt.  I said “yes” because who wouldn’t be disappointed when there now #1 favorite ride is closed!  After that I went to my favorite show for the 2010 season, Tropical Heat, Island Beat.

Cedar Point - Tropical Heat, Island Beat

Over the winter I had been listening to Hot Island Rhythms from Kings Island and was hoping that Cedar Point would get a show like that and guess what, they did!  The show was great as usually and the performers are really getting into the show.

With the 1/2 hour and hour show time differences, I had time to check out Shoot the Rapids.  The ride was empty of water and there seemed to be no one working on it.

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids Without Water

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids Maintenance

Cedar Point - Close Up of Shoot the Rapids Work

Cedar Point - Close Up of Shoot the Rapids Waterfalls

After that, I finished my walk over to the Palace Theatre where I saw Grand Ole Country which is another great Cedar Point show that always makes me feel like going to Lone Star to eat!

Cedar Point - Palace Theatre

When the show was over I headed down the Gemini midway to ride Paddlewheel Excursions where I got called out for wearing my Shoot the Rapids shirt.  The guys asked me what the new ride was because of course I was probably the only person walking around the park in a shirt for a ride that isn’t even open yet!  I told him, like he didn’t know ;D and he made some joke about how that light pole is the only thing new that’s working.

Cedar Point - New Location of the Canfield's and McGee's

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids Themeing

I then decided to take a break from the rides part of the park and I headed out to the beach to cool off my feet.

Cedar Point - Beach

Cedar Point - Beach

Cedar Point - Beach

I ended up getting the bottom of my shorts soaked in the process, but it the ripped sand in the lake felt good on my feet.

Cedar Point - Magnum XL 200 from Beach

Cedar Point - Wicked Twister, Giant Wheel, and Space Spiral from the Beach

After coming in from the beach I went on Ocean Motion because who know how long that ride is going to be around (#cp211).  After Ocean Motion, I noticed that the 7pm All Wheels Extreme had started and decided to stop and watch.

Cedar Point - All Wheels Extreme

Cedar Point - All Wheels Extreme

Cedar Point - All Wheels Extreme

Cedar Point - All Wheels Extreme

After the show it was time to call it a day and I left the park and headed to Costa Azul for dinner.  What an amazing day at the point!

Ride Count:

  • Raptor x1
  • Millennium Force x1
  • Mantis x1
  • Top Thrill Dragster x1
  • CP & LE Railroad x1
  • Skyride x1
  • Giant Wheel x1
  • Cadillac Cars x1
  • Paddlewheel Excursions x1

Show Count: