Trip Report: Cedar Point on June 25, 2010

Trip #4 was short and sweet because I was going mainly for the Platinum Passholder Ride Night on Magnum XL-200 and Top Thrill Dragster.

Cedar Point - Magnum XL 200 ERT Sign

I first started my trip off with a quick dinner at waaaay better Wendy’s.  Then I headed to the park to catch the last show of Tropical Heat, Island Beat.   Then I headed down the Frontier Trail to check on Shoot the Rapids, which was still closed, but ended up opening the next day.

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids Lift Hill with Boat

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids Boat

It had been almost a month since the ride was planned to open, so everyone who wanted to ride, including me, was hoping that it would open very soon.

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids

Also, they finished stocking the gift shop, plus employee ride night the night before spelled an opening within the coming days.  Next, I moved onto the CP & LE Railroad to take me to the front of the park so I could ride Blue Streak and Raptor.

Cedar Point - Raptor's Loop

Cedar Point - Raptor

I then hopped onto the Skyride and then made it onto one of the last Iron Dragon trains of the night.

Cedar Point - Moon over the Midway Carousel

I then headed to see the Starlight Experience.  After that I did a little shopping in Frontier Town and then caught the last ride of the night on Paddlewheel Excursions.  After that is was time for the ride night to begin.

Cedar Point - Magnum Station during the ERT

I got in two laps on the Magnum and then headed over to Top Thrill Dragster to find that it was down and there were still general public riders waiting to ride.  So I called it a night and went on a walking loop of the point.  I managed to take some pictures of the Starlight Experience before it was shut off for the night.

Cedar Point - Starlight Experience Winter

Cedar Point - Starlight Experience Winter

Cedar Point - Starlight Experience Fall

Cedar Point - Starlight Experience Fall

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids at Night

I then headed to the bathroom. (I normally don’t post that in my trip reports, but this time in plays into the story.)  After coming out of the bathroom, I spotted people running back towards the Maverick, so I followed and it turned out that Cedar Point opened Maverick because Top Thrill Dragster was down.  So I got one no wait ride in on the Maverick before officially calling it a night.

Ride Count:

  • CP & LE Railroad x1
  • Blue Streak x1
  • Raptor x1
  • Skyride x1
  • Iron Dragon x1
  • Paddlewheel Excursions x1
  • Magnum XL 200 x2
  • Maverick x1

Show Count: