Trip Report: Cedar Point on July 2, 2010

I really wanted to go to Cedar Point on the weekend of the 4th, but knowing how crowded it would be I settled for a few days before.  I got to the park early to get a ride in on Raptor and Millennium Force before it got too busy.

Cedar Point - Raptor

Cedar Point - Millennium Force

While ridding the Force, I noticed that Shoot the Rapids had opened at 10am instead of 11am like the other water rides.  So I took the Skyride back to the car and changed into my swimsuit.

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids

My first ride ever on Shoot the Rapids was AMAZING!

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids

I even got to ride in my own boat!  I then took three more rides on it that day! Being a single rider has its perks!  I also managed to waste about $5 on the water cannons!

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids Water Cannon

After my 3rd ride, it broke down so I headed back to the car for lunch.  After lunch I decided to try out Challenge Park’s go-karts.  I got my temps last winter and had my proof that I was 16 so I could go on the “big kids” track.

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids

After that I headed back into the park to ride Shoot the Rapids again.  I got to ride three more times before it was time to change into dry clothes for Grand Ole Country.  After the show, I hopped onto the train to go and see Tropical Heat, Island Beat at the Garter.  I then rode Iron Dragon and Top Thrill Dragster before trying something new: Power Tower.

Cedar Point - Power Tower

In my two years of going I had never been on it at all.  The end result is: I like the shot side better than the drop side.  It’s quicker and has more of a thrill then the suspense of waiting at the top.  I ended up riding both the drop and the shot two times each.

Cedar Point - Power Tower Geek Shot

I then finished up my day by riding the Magnum and then going out to dinner at Costa Azul.

Ride Count:

  • Raptor x1
  • Millennium Force x1
  • Shoot the Rapids x6
  • CP & LE Railroad x1
  • Skyride x2
  • Challenge Racing x1
  • Iron Dragon x1
  • Top Thrill Dragster x1
  • Power Tower: Space Shot x2
  • Power Tower: Turbo Drop x2
  • Magnum XL 200 x1

Show Count: