Trip Report: Cedar Point on October 8, 2010

For my 3rd Halloweekends trip, I started out with a ride on the Blue Streak, Cedar Downs, and then Cadillac Cars.

Cedar Point - Screamster Precession

I then stuck around to watch the Screamsters come out of the Ballroom and get ready for the Overlord precession.

Cedar Point - The Overlord

After, I followed the Fright Zone Screamsters to the Frontier Trail where I did some checking on Shoot the Rapids.

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids Empty Sign

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids Entrance

It still looked closed, but there was nothing in the sign to suggest an early season closing. Once 8PM came around, I headed over to CornStalkers where I waited about a ½ hour.

Cedar Point - CornStalkers Light

After CornStalkers, I ran into some friends from school and they were spending the evening there too since there wasn’t a high school football game that week. We were all going to go through CarnEVIL, but they all chickened out.

Cedar Point - Terror Island Light

Then I went through Terror Island twice and every time I go through with my video camera, I always get “picked on” so to say; they all want to be stars of the camera. Back tracking, I went through the Fright Zone again on my way to see the Halloween Hullabaloo.

Cedar Point - A Halloween Hullabaloo

Cedar Point - A Halloween Hullabaloo

Cedar Point - A Halloween Hullabaloo

After the show I went though G.A. Bockling’s Eerie Estate and then Happy Jack’s Toy Factory. To finish the night, I went through Fear Faire.

Cedar Point - Happy Jack's Toy Factory


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