Trip Report: Cedar Point on September 25, 2010

Halloweekends trip #2 started with the Halloween Hullabaloo. Compared to last year, it sucked. Not only was it the exact same show, but the cast was horrible, except Kristin, but she was in it last year. There were multiple errors in the show: a few from the cast and the #1 problem with the theater: microphones. Every year there seems to be a problem with them and it’s only this theater. Moving on, I went and saw the parade.

Wonderful as always, but I see the reason Cedar Point only has this once a year. It’s a lot of work to control the crowd. Most of the people come to Cedar Point to ride the baggiest rides around, not stop and watch a parade. Thus they are inconvenienced by it going down some of Cedar Point’s smallest, and most crowded, midways. Next up was Happy Jack’s Toy Factory.

Cedar Point - Happy Jack's Toy Factory

I got in line about a half hour before opening and was in one of the first groups to go in. TIP: Get there early and a half hour will be the shortest wait of the day/night. Basically, it was the same as last year with no new surprises. Then I took some time to do a little shopping before Carnival: A Sideshow of Magic began.

Cedar Point - Sideshow: A Carnival of Magic

My opinion of this show: it sucked just like Rock Band, and it even used the exact same set and TV screens. Cedar Point really needs to get Chris Linn back. My theory is that they went way over budget with Rock Band and needed a cheap show to fill the Halloweekends gap. After the show I headed back to the car to eat dinner before The Overlord!

Cedar Point - The Overlord Screamsters

Cedar Point - The Overlord

Then it was to the Fright Zone for opening, but first I had to check on my rapids. The water effects were on, but the ride had already closed for the Fright Zone.

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids Closed

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids Closed

After opening, I headed to the Garter for The Edge of Madness: Still Crazy.

That is a good show and much improved from last year! Then it was back through the Fright Zone and I headed back to Mean Streak, which had closed already for off-season maintenance.

Cedar Point - Mean Streak Closed Sign

I got stopped at the train crossing where the worker probably thought I was crazy for two reasons: One was for waving at the train as it went back, required by workers, but not by guests and not many do it on their own. The second was going to take pictures of the sign and new smoking area. But, oh well, that’s the way I am. ;D After a little more shopping, I headed over to CarnEVIL and Terror Island before calling it a night.

Ride Count:

  • Happy Jack’s Toy Factory x1
  • The Fright Zone x2
  • CarnEVIL x1
  • Terror Island x1

Show Count:

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