Trip Report: Cedar Point on May 29, 2011

For my 2nd trip of the season, I started in the back with Maverick and then walked down the Frontier Trail to Millennium Force.

Cedar Point - Maverick

Cedar Point - Millennium Force

After an amazing ride on the Force, I headed over to Mantis, which I now regret because it hurts way too much in too many places.

Cedar Point - Mantis Lift Hill and Loop

On the way out to the car to change into a swimsuit, I stopped for a ride on the Magnum, which also hurt.  I guess it depends on which seat in.  After a quick change in the car, I headed over to Shoot the Rapids where I got in 5 rides with very little wait.

Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids

It looks like all of its problems have been fixed.  They even added mist to the top of the 2nd hill.

Cedar Point - New Mist on Shoot the Rapids

I then headed to the car for lunch. After lunch I went over to the Gemini games determined to win a Minion.  After beating a girl in the first round to win a cheap bear, I then played against myself to finally win a Minion!

Cedar Point - My Minion

After that I headed down the boardwalk to check on WindSeeker.

Cedar Point - WindSeeker

Cedar Point - WindSeeker

Cedar Point - WindSeeker

Cedar Point - WindSeeker

Cedar Point - WindSeeker

Then I rode Troika and Ocean Motion.

Cedar Point - New Ocean Motion Location

Moving on, I took the SkyRide over to the Frontier Trail so I could see Grand Ole Country.  It’s exactly the same show as last year and the cast seems worse.  I’m sure it will grow on me, but I never really liked the show anyway.  Next up was Tropical Heat, Island Beat.  It was great as usual!  When I was leaving the Garter, I saw dark clouds and heard thunder.

Cedar Point - Coming Storm

Cedar Point - Crowds Heading Out from Storm

So I joined the crowd of people heading out to their cars, but of course I pulled out my video camera and filmed the whole thing.  So that was how my day ended.

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