Trip Report: Holiday World on June 3, 2011 (HoliWood Nights)

After making it through the traffic of Cincinnati and the long drive through nowhere, my Dad and I finally saw the sign that said “Welcome to Santa Clause Indiana”.

Santa Claus - Welcome Sign

After a few minutes, The Voyage popped up along with Pilgrims Plunge.

Holiday World - Pilgrims Plunge and The Voyage

Holiday World - The Voyage

We headed into The Legend Lot to park and found it eerie quit.  There were only a few people still around getting in their cars.  They must have thought we were crazy for pulling into the parking lot and getting out with our park stuff.  We headed up to the group sales where we got our HoliWood Nights tickets and shirts.

Holiday World - Special Guest for Holiwood Nights

Holiday World - Holiwood Nights Registration

We had to wait about 10 minutes while they cleared out the park before we could go in for the night.

Holiday World - Entrance Plaza

After making it in, I grabbed map and we headed in blindly to find some coasters.  The Raven, which I had heard about since I was a little kid thanks to PBS, wasn’t open yet and The Legend broke down as we got into the station.  After finding the long path down to Thanksgiving, we got on The Voyage and we were both in for a surprise.  The ride was fast, crazy, and out of control.  Nothing could have ever prepared me for that!

Holiday World - The Voyage at Night

I had talked with Holiday World’s twitter a few days before my trip and they said my camera clip-on cases that I use to store my camera wouldn’t be allowed on the ride, so I after asking some friends what they did when they visited, I put my camera in my pocket to hide it and hooked the strap to a clip.  I had completely forgotten about losing my phone.  I usually hold on to it while ridding, but The Voyage was so out of control, I completely forgot about it.  This means it happened for the first time, I “lost” something to a coaster, in a way.  I got off the ride and was walking down the exit ramp doing my pocket check when I realized that my phone was missing.  I ran up and told the ride op that I lost my phone and in what car I was sitting.  The girl looked along with the guy who was sitting there.  After a quick search nothing was found, but just as all hope was lost, the guy held up the phone.  He found it!  Thank you whoever you are if you’re reading this!

So after all of that, I wasn’t feeling too well after having my Wendy’s dinner being shook up.  So I took what I thought would be a nice gentle ride on Turkey Twirl.  I was wrong!  The combination of Holiday World’s long ride cycles and the spinning, it felt like I was going to throw up.  After the ride finally stopped, I went to get a free drink to help settle my stomach.

Holiday World - The Legend at Night

Then it was on to The Legend, another great coaster and my personal favorite at Holiday World.  The wolf howl at the top and the smell of campfires in the woods makes for awesome themeing!  It was then finally time for The Raven.

Holiday World - The Raven Station at Night

Another awesome coaster!  After the drop into the woods, you can’t see a thing and you’re just flying! After The Raven we headed up to the Kringle Kafé to see what kind of food they had.  The pizza and fudge looked delicious, but I still wasn’t feeling the best and there were coasters to be ridden.   After a few more rides on The Raven and The Legend, the HollowSwings had opened, so I hoped on for a spin.

Holiday World - HallowSwings at Night

Andy, who was also operating Turkey Twirl, is one of the best amusement park employees ever.  He was super friendly and seemed to love his job.  I then found myself heading back down to Thanksgiving to give The Voyage another try, but guess who I ran into first.  The one and only Mrs. Koch!

Holiday World - Me with Pat Koch

I got a picture with her before braving the rough waters ahead.  That ride wasn’t any better than the first.  Oh well, the free cupcake made up for it!

Holiday World - Cupcake

I headed back to Halloween for another ride on The Legend and The Raven before coming back to the HollowSwings for another ride.  Andy let us go three times before finally closing the ride for the night.  To finish off my amazing evening, I took one more ride on The Legend.

Holiday World - The Legend Station

I couldn’t wait to come back in the morning… click here to read the June 4th trip report.