Trip Report: Cedar Point on June 18, 2011

I began this trip with one goal in mind, ride the newly opened WindSeeker! I headed straight there once I was let into the park.

Cedar Point - WindSeeker

After going through the queue line and given a seat number, we were let in to board.

Cedar Point - WindSeeker Extended Queue Line

It is an awesome ride and I hope more parks get one! There is a great breeze at the top and an awesome view of the park.

Cedar Point - WindSeeker

Cedar Point - WindSeeker

The movie soundtrack really completes the whole experience! Next, I headed over to Millennium Force to get in line for the #1 Steel Coaster in the world before the general public came rolling in.

Cedar Point - Millennium Force Best Steel Coaster Banner

After that, I hopped on Iron Dragon for a ride before heading back to WindSeeker!

Cedar Point - WindSeeker

After a half-hour wait, I was soaring in the skies again. When the ride was over, I saw Mr. Sphen checking on ride operations.

Cedar Point - Bill Spehn at WindSeeker

Then I headed over to Space Spiral and inside, it’s not exactly the clearest view of the park since they never seem to clean the windows.

Cedar Point - Skyline

Since I was going with the crowds instead of against, I took the train around once before taking the SkyRide back to the car for a quick snack.

Cedar Point - Main Midway

Coming back into the park, I ran into Robin Innes and he remembered my Dad and I from when he took us on the winter tour. We stopped to chat for a minute before I was again on my way to Power Tower, red side. Next, I went on Super Himalaya. I then headed over to Paddlewheel Excursions to take a relaxing boat ride sponsored by Doritos.

Cedar Point - Paddlewheel Excursions Flying Inventor

It was then time for Grand Ole County. It’s nothing special. It’s worse this year then it was last year, which it wasn’t too good last year either.

Dinner time rolled around and I was treated to a Cedar Point company picnic dinner because my Dad works at Smucker’s.

Cedar Point - J. M. Smucker Company Picnic

Cedar Point - Point Pavilion

They had hot dogs, baked beans, fresh fruit, fried chicken, Toft’s ice cream and unlimited Pepsi soft drinks! It was all delicious!

Cedar Point - Gary Gochenour and John Hildebrandt

After dinner, I went over to the Jack Aldrich Theatre to see Rockin’ the Point. It was a much better then Rock Band, Live!.

Then I headed over to Ocean Motion. I really love the new location and themeing, but I hate how they assign you a row and the make you merge into one group to go onto the ride. Next I rode Troika before heading over to WindSeeker for the 3rd ride of the day.

Cedar Point - Troika

Cedar Point - WindSeeker

I then headed over to the Corkscrew where it broke down as I reached the station. But instead of just standing there, one of the crew members, who I later found out I was already Facebook friends with, started up a game of Cedar Point Trivia.

Cedar Point - Devan Corkscrew Ride Operator

My sister, Dad, and I were getting all of the hard one’s while the few others playing with us were getting the general knowledge questions. We eventually left after the ride never reopened. I then headed over to Magnum XL-200. Next I headed over to Frontier Town and the Town Hall Museum waiting for the Starlight Experience to open. When it finally did and I went through to find it not as “magical” as the first year, but there are defiantly improvements. As closing time was rolling around I got ready to head home. I stopped by WindSeeker on the way out for a few pictures and videos of WindSeeker’s amazing light show.

Cedar Point - WindSeeker at Night

Cedar Point - WindSeeker at Night

That was it for another great Cedar Point trip!