A New Look to DrewBorg.com?

If you have heard a rumor about a new look coming to DrewBorg.com, then you didn’t hear wrong.

Check out this flickr photo I’ve uploaded of the new site…

The New DrewBorg.com

…if you havn’t clicked on the photo, please do so now!

There are things that I can do on flickr that I can’t do on my blog.  So if you clicked on the photo, you might have noticed notes on parts of the image.  Place your mouse over them to read what will happen on the site and they also fill in more details about the site.

I hope you look forward to the new site and I would love to hear feedback, so if your a flickr user then please comment on the photo.  If you not, then you should join!  If you don’t want to join, then your more than welcome to leave a comment on the blogThanks!