Cedar Point Opening Day 09

Of course, because I’m a season pass holder, I had to go to the park on opening day, so after eating a delicious lunch at Costa Azul we headed to the park.  Luckily the rain had just stopped when we arrived at the park.

Cedar Point - Parking Lot

After picking up our season pass, I had to take a picture of the new entrance plaza.

Cedar Point - Entrance Plaza (Newly Redone)

Then moving inside the park to ride the raptor, forgetting to look at the wait sign, I ended up waiting about an hour to ride a ride that I could have ridden without a line during early entry time.

Cedar Point - Raptor

After I “kicked the sky” I had to take a picture of another new thing… the new splash fountain!

Cedar Point - New Splash Fountian

On to the Blue Streak, which is rumored that the people who built it had to get the designs of Chippewa Lake Park’s Big Dipper in order to build it. I don’t know it if true or not, but probably untrue.

Cedar Point - Blue Streak

After being shook up on the Blue Streak, it was on to the open road! I went along for the pictures for my flickr.

Cedar Point - Turnpike Cars Road

Heading over to the Wicked Twister midway, to ride some rides over there, but of course LONG LINES!

Cedar Point - MaXair

Cedar Point - Giant Wheel

After a quick swing on Ocean Motion, it was on the the CP & LE Railroad. Of course you can’t forget about Snoopy over at Planet Snoopy.

Cedar Point - Planet Snoopy

Cedar Point - CP & LE R.R. Station

Since I arrived late, there was a long line for both the Millennium Force and the Maverick, so just enjoy the photos that I took from the train.

Cedar Point - Millennium Force

Cedar Point - Maverick

Now it’s time for the sights and sounds of the old west in Frontier Town!

Cedar Point - Last Chance Saloon

Cedar Point - Chuck Wagon

Then on to the Cedar Creek Mine Ride…

Cedar Point - Cedar Creek Mine Ride

…and then on to the Town Hall Museum with it’s haunted carousel horse.

Cedar Point - Town Hall Museum

Cedar Point - Muller's Carousel Horse

The story is that…

“Upon seeing her husband’s creation, Mrs. Muller fell in love with the horse. So much so that even after her death, her ghost returned to the Cedar Point Carousel to ride it. In fact, her love was so strong that her ghost would make it impossible for anyone to photograph the horse, lest someone else view it and fall in love with it.” – The Ghosts of Ohio

So you could say that I proved that story wrong! 😉

As the sun started to go down, it was a great time to take sunset photos. Like this one of the Maverick…

Cedar Point - Maverick Sunset

One of my most popular flickr photos is the Starlight Experience Preview…

Cedar Point - Starlight Experience Preview

…this is the winter themed area of the Starlight Experience.

That about wraps up my experience at Cedar Point’s opening day. We headed home after one last ride on the Magnum, after all it is 20 years old. 🙂

Enjoy these final pictures, and everyone is welcome to comment below!

Cedar Point - Matterhorn at Night

Cedar Point - Top Thrill Dragster at Night

Cedar Point - Top Thrill Dragster at Night

Cedar Point - New Fountain at Night

Cedar Point - Johnny Rockets Dancers

Check out more pictures from Cedar Point 2009 in my flickr set!