Coming Soon: ConvALL

convall_logoComing soon to is ConvALL: The Everything Converter!  We hope to have it released in beta on New Years Day!

The basic concept of ConvALL is to convert all major file types: music, movies, pictures, and office documents in one place for FREE.  Yep!  We’re going to be the one and only web converter on the web that converts video in the highest quality available for FREE!

What happens is that you upload your file, select what you want it to convert to, and click convert.  The file will convert, this could take up to 24hrs based on the number of users converting files.  We hope to make this quicker in future releases.  Then check your e-mail, and the file will be sent to you.  If the file is under 20MB, it will be attached to the email as well as a link to our download site.  If it’s over 20MB, the file will be uploaded to our ConvALL download center, for you to download it.  Right now there is a 100MB (110MB MAX) limit for files.

convall_subtitleIn the future, we hope to have a payed PRO version of the converter to be used for things like maximum file sizes of 500MB, stored uploads, and more.  The payed version will only be used for unneeded extras and will not be required for basic conversions.

Also, for all of you who love to download movies and music from YouTube and other video sites, we are working on a mini app for the converter that allows the converter to download the MP4 or FLV file of the movie to our site where it will then be available for conversion with out converter.

We also want to open up API in the future so that you guys can create “mini apps” for the converter.

So far we have designed the converter for the look and we are now working on making it work so it can convert files and send it back to you through e-mail.  We hope you all are as excited as we are for this new converter, we will keep you updated through twitter and this blog.

I’m Back!

After about three weeks without a blog, I’m back and typing!  One of the main reasons I’m not blogging as much is because I’ve been working on my other site: CP Guide: Your Online Guide to Cedar Point.  You may have noticed this banner on the home page…


Well, if your heading out to Cedar Point for some Amusement Park fun then plan your trip using CP Guide.  It’s still under construction, but there are still a few good things on there.

Another reason I’ve been busy is because I’m trying to bring you great web designs and great prices.  Check out some deals and discounts now on the Web Hosting Page.


I’ll write more about web design specials in the future.

That about wraps up this post.  Check back to the this and CP Guide sites soon!  Enjoy!